London – Is a Good Night Out Really So Good?


This is London. This is where good nights out happen.

Whether you’re into comedy, music, food, or just a good dance, London has you covered.

So clubbers in London have a lot to choose from and there’s never any shortage of places to dance and drink the night away.

But every night out is not without its annoyances. Ladbrokes Bingo recently did a survey, asking revellers what they find most irritating on a night out.

When it comes to things that can put a bit of a dampener on a night out, the girls find getting a ladder in their tights before the night’s even started pretty annoying; in fact, 30.80% marked this down as their number one irk. At a close second is getting toilet tissues stuck to those expensive shoes, with 26.30% lamenting at this less than sanitary incident.

Going somewhere where there’s no chance of bumping into an ex got 13.30% vote regarding what makes a great night. 30.45% however, agreed that no encounters with sleazy men are the main appeal.

In fact, some ladies were so put off by the toilet tissue and risk of sleazebags that they preferred to opt for a night in with the girls. When asked if they prefer a night out or staying in, 66.25% said they would rather stay in and play bingo or watch films with mates then brave the cold.

Is there a certain age when you stop wanting to go out and get plastered? Apparently so; when asked if at a certain point in their life, partiers prefer dinner parties and home entertainment, 57.10% agreed and only 12.70% disagreed. 30.20% were on the fence about that one.

A good night out is always one to remember, but it looks like the cosiness of home and good company is appreciated just as much!

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