Open Spaces

Despite what many first time visitors to London don't realise, that capital also features a numbers of beautiful parks and gardens, some of which are just minutes from the hustle and bustle of the city. In this section we explore London's best open spaces, allowing you to see the very best London has to offer.

Taking a stroll through the Royal Parks of London


Most people associate London with being one of the more compact cities in the world, but there are still plenty of open spaces to enjoy while you are on your vacation. There are over 5000 acres of parks to be explored in London, so you should not have a hard time finding a spot to […]

Spend a Day in Battersea Park


Battersea Park will give you more to look at than any other park in London. This may seem like a bold statement at first, but you will have no choice but to agree with it after you visit for the first time. There is a good amount of wildlife in the park, and it contains […]

See a Football Match in London


There is nothing more exciting in the city of London than going to a live football match. England is known for having the best football league in the world, and they prove that on a weekly basis in the form of their English Premier League fixtures. Although most people recommend that you go to a […]

Romantic Settings in London

Primrose Hill

Finding a romantic spot in London is rather easy these days because there are so many different beautiful locations to choose from. With all of the parks throughout the city and the Thames River to use as a backdrop, you have plenty of different options at your disposal. Whether you are meeting someone for a […]

Ride Through the Thames River on a Cruise


With London being the capital city of England, it is one of the most visited cities by travelers around the world. One of the main things that people like to see when they visit London is the Thames River. The Thames is the main river that runs through the center of London, and the river […]

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