Alternative London

Want to get off the beaten track? want to discover the Capital's hidden secrets away from the crowds of tourists and tour buses? Then read on. In this section we explore the alternative side to London, covering inspirational things to do as well as top tips for upcoming unusual events, secret (or at least hidden) places to go and other gems for you to enjoy, however long your stay.

Walk in William Shakespeare’s Footsteps

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre on London's South Bank.

No trip to London is complete without a trip to William Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. However, if you truly want to get a sense of what The Bard is all about, you’ll have to trace his path from his birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon all of the way through to London, where his renowned Theatre Company put on […]

4 Haunted London Locations


It should come as no surprise that there are plenty of reportedly haunted locations in London. After all, the city was founded in (according to most sources) 2 AD, although some much older archaeological remains have been unearthed. Between Henry the Eighth, the Black Death and Jack the Ripper, ghosts are almost expected to be […]

5 Gruesome Jack the Ripper Related Sites


Everyone loves good murder mystery, and there is none as bloody, creepy and unsolved as the Jack the Ripper case. Jack the Ripper murdered at least 5, but possibly as many as 12 people, most of them female prostitutes. The widely acknowledged 5 victims, in the order that they were killed are: Mary Ann Nichols, […]

Extreme activities to do in London


We live in a world where we spend most of our time working. But there is still enough time to travel and have fun. When people want to recharge their batteries, they chose the most exotic destinations where they can relax and forget about everything, or the craziest ones that will help them consume their […]

Ancient Roman Ruins in London


It’s hard to believe, but the ancient Roman Empire actually extended up into the United Kingdom. In fact, there are several dozen Roman ruins scattered throughout the country, with three of them located in London. The oldest of these ruins dates back to 74 A.D. Can you imagine what the country looked like back then? […]

Quirky Hotels to Check Out in London

40 Winks Hotel East London

London is a city filled with culture and history. It is proudly home to some of the finest and most traditional hotels in the world, including The Savoy and Claridge’s, to name a couple.  However, more recently there has been a quiet revolution occurring, resulting in hotels with a very different style, each as eclectic […]

5 Peaceful places to escape to in London


Whether you are a tourist visiting the capital or a person who lives there, finding somewhere peaceful in the city to seek refuge can be a bit of a struggle. But having a peaceful place to get away can be very important when you’re in a busy, bustling city. Some people living in London may […]

Off beat museums in London


Everyone knows that London has some of the most explicit and dazzling museums in the country, but not many people are aware that there are also small galleries and collections just as interesting? Visiting off the beat museums in London will give travellers a taste of the British history. Tourists should start with the Wellington […]

Discovering Royal London


Monarchy is an important part of the British Empire because it is one of the few remaining monarchies in Europe, which makes it extremely intriguing and fascinating for visitors. London is known as being Great Britain’s royal capital, mainly because successive Queens and Kings were crowned in Westminster Abbey and lived in the numerous palaces […]

Finding Shakespeare in London

Everyone has heard at least once in their life about Romeo and Juliet or Hamlet. This means that they’ve also heard of the famous playwright William Shakespeare. There are many people out there who worship the artist and all his work, and that’s why they might be interested in discovering some of Shakespeare’s footprints in […]

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