5 of the Best Local Pubs in London to watch the Olympics


If you weren’t lucky enough to score tickets to ALL of your favourite events, do not worry. London has always been famous for its great local pubs that, during the Olympics, are sure to be filled with supporters from all nations. If you’re looking for a venue near you, check out some of these local places to catch a glimpse of the Olympic action!

Sports Bar & Grill, Marylebone

If you’re looking for a place that serves up all of the Olympic action, along with great homemade burgers, you’ve found your local hangout. The Sports Bar & Grill, in Marylebone, is famous all year round for showing sporting action on the big screen. The venue is one of the largest local sports bars in London, covering two storeys and housing three bars. Private bars can also be hired, so be sure to get in quick if you and your mates want your own, uninterrupted viewing area.

Bar Kick

Located on the famous Shoreditch High Street, these popular sports bar is a favourite with many locals. Showing all kinds of sport throughout the year, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find all the action on the various big screens throughout the pub.

Cape Prodigal

Located in St Pauls, London, this bar is perfect for all sporting fanatics. With one major screen and more than 5 smaller plasmas, there is nowhere in this bar that you won’t be able to catch all the action. Don’t miss a moment of the games when it’s your turn to get the drinks, surrounded by massive screens you’ll be set for the night. If you’re still a bit worried about missing out on the action, the friendly staff also provide optional table service, so you’ll never have to leave your seat!

The Elk Bar

Dedicated to sports enthusiasts, particularly footy fans, The Elk Bar is undoubtedly one of the most prominent sporting venues in London. A lively atmosphere is perfect for those who are passionate about their sports; so if you’re the type who likes to shout at the TV screen when cheering on your country, you’re bound to fit right in!

The Albion

Frequented during the footy season each year, The Albion will no doubt be a popular venue for the entirety of the Olympics. With massive screens showing all the action, you’ll feel like you’re at the Olympics! The food on offer is great for sports fans, providing a casual, yet quality dining experience. Should your country win or lose, you’ll be able to celebrate or drown your sorrows, choosing from the fine selection of ales and draughts on offer.

One of the best things about heading to the pub to watch sports has always been the atmosphere. When booking London holiday packages through your travel agent, be sure to ask them about their favourite London local. With supporters from all around the world, headed to London to enjoy the Olympic Games, you’re sure to make some friends and have a good, friendly debate about whose country is better!

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